For fifteen impactful years, Centro Hispano has served the Latino community in Knoxville and East Tennessee. We promote empowerment and civic participation through education, workforce development, youth and family engagement and community-strengthening initiatives. Our vision is to see every Latino and Latina in East Tennessee thriving culturally, educationally and economically. 

The work that Centro Hispano performs through its Workforce Development, Social Impact and Youth and Family Engagement departments is critical to the wellbeing and success of Latinos in our region. From English language training, adult education and youth development to collaborative advocacy that connects people to the healthcare, legal and financial resources they need, Centro Hispano has developed programs that empower and has built a trusted network that bridges the gap between the Latino community, Knoxville and East Tennessee. 


Beyond the services that we provide directly to the Latino community, Centro Hispano is a community center and hub for gathering and cultural exchange. We welcome everyone to join us for conversation, cooking and dialogue. We believe that organizations like Centro Hispano are vital not only to the communities they serve, but to the towns, cities and regions in which they operate at large. As our city, county and region continue to grow, we aim to ensure that diversity, inclusion and equity remain at the forefront of our efforts. From diversity and inclusion training, consulting and market research to Spanish and indigenous language translation, targeted content creation and more, Centro Hispano offers a host of professional services to businesses, municipalities and fellow nonprofit organizations. 

Although COVID-19 has forced most activities online, the community that Centro Hispano has built is more important than ever. When the pandemic first hit, we worked urgently to find immediate digital solutions and to avoid suspending any of the services upon which so many in our community rely. In addition to our standard programs, Centro Hispano has worked tirelessly to keep the Latino community in Knoxville and East Tennessee informed and up-to-date. We have helped fill the void in Spanish and indigenous language resources by partnering with organizations, businesses and agencies to translate and disseminate critical information on COVID-19. We have both advocated on behalf of the families we serve and extended the scope of our work to meet basic needs through direct distribution of food and financial aid. Centro Hispano continues to partner with City of Knoxville and Knox County departments as our region continues to navigate COVID-19. 

Your support is more important than ever, and every contribution ensures that our work serving the Latino community and East Tennessee continues. We ask that you please consider making a contribution to Centro Hispano today.

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