Angeli Sosa

Director of Social Impact

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Angeli Sosa is the Director of Social Impact at Centro Hispano. She transitioned into this her current role from Workforce Development where she focused on Latino entrepreneurship and small business initiatives. Her studies in Communications at the University of Tennessee have been critical in adapting her focus to the different needs of the organization in order to better serve and empower the community. She earned her BA from UT, with a focus on technical writing. 

While her professional experience has primarily been in finance, banking, and building equitable small business ventures, she is passionate about uplifting her community in other capacities through active education and strong leadership networks. Her empathy and compassion for the Latino community stems from her own family immigration story as her parents emigrated from the Dominican Republic with little more than a dream and three small children to care for. She strives to provide not only solutions to immediate challenges faced by individuals but to also empower in a long-term sense through culturally relevant educational initiatives.

She is currently serving in the Diversity Business Advisory Council with the City of Knoxville, is a collaborating author for the international magazine Mujeres Con Vision, and actively participates in the local Knoxville professional group, Latino Task Force. In an effort to promote a new and relevant Latino narrative, she  participates in advocacy opportunities that strengthen a dynamic story which accurately reflects the richness and strengths innate in the Latino people.

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