Darris Upton

Board Member 

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     Darris Upton is a decorated veteran, serving over a decade in the United States Navy. Upon

returning home to east Tennessee, he earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from

the University of Tennessee College of Social Work.

     Currently, Darris serves as Diversity Development Manager for the Office of Knox County Mayor

Glenn Jacobs. In this capacity, Darris works to help Knox County be more inclusive in its’

purchasing, personnel, and building work environment that welcomes all. He also works to

build better relationships between underrepresented communities and the Knox County

Mayor’s Office. Along with his colleagues, Darris works on solutions to problems such as

workforce transportation, disparities in technology access, and strategies to reduce poverty in

Knox County. Darris also works with private sector companies as they seek to build diversity

and inclusion within their organizations. He also serves various community organization

boards, including the Muse, Project Grad and Centro Hispano.

boards, including the Muse, Project Grad and Centro Hispano.

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